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Animal Lovers Assistance League

All About the Animal Lovers Assistance League
Doing Great Things in Currituck County

awardsgifSince our founding in May, 2005, the Animal Lovers Assistance League has made great strides for the animals of Currituck County.
After our group's formation, selection of elected officers, adopting our by-laws and receiving our 501c3 tax-exempt status, the Currituck County Commissioners granted the Animal Lovers Assistance League a contract to operate the Currituck County Animal Shelter beginning on July 1st, 2005.
This contract was renewed for the years of 2006-2007 by the County Commissioners and our shelter has passed the inspection of The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to operate as a licensed animal shelter in the state of North Carolina for the years 2008-2009.

Since being chosen to advocate on behalf of the animals in our county, we have made several positive improvements in our animal shelter with a mind towards a more sanitary environment and a higher level of customer service.

These improvements have already had a positive impact on adoptions, public awareness as well as helping us form partnerships with other shelters and rescue groups in the Hampton Roads area for the benefit of animal in our community.

shelterOne of the first orders of business was to make our shelter a warmer, more attractive and inviting place to visit.
Study after study has proven that many people stay away from animal shelters because they find them to be depressing places to visit.
We have added a large outdoor pen so that the dogs in our care can exercise where prospective adopters can spend time with these animals, increasing their chances of being adopted.
We have also begun to provide more toys for the dogs and cats as well as begun buying Kuranda dog beds for the kennels so that our dogs won't have to lie on a concrete floor.
Through our website, supporters can now order a dog bed direct from Kuranda that will be shipped to our shelter and the donor will receive a special discount for their purchase.

We have also begun a Veterinary program to provide disease testing for dogs and cats as well as heartworm treatment and prevention of our canine friends.

In an effort to increase adoptions, we have lengthened the hours our shelter is open to the public, including adding late afternoon hours so that our hours of operation are more closely aligned with prospective adoptive families.

The Animal Lovers Assistance League has improved the fiscal and animal record-keeping systems to provide more accurate data to our staff as well as provide a higher level of accountability to the Citizens of Currituck County.

Advocating for the Animals
Increasing Adoptions-Saving Animal Lives

bostonterrierThe Animal Lovers Assistance League is very proactive in helping the animals in our shelter find new, loving and forever homes because when pets are adopted, everyone wins!

The Animal Lovers Assistance League has undertaken several initiatives such as a foster-care program that allows members of the public to open their homes to the animals in our care, virtually increasing our shelter's capacity and reducing euthanasia.

The Animal Lovers Assistance League works cooperatively to reach out to other shelters and rescue groups in our region in an effort to exchange resources and know-how with the aim of finding homes for as many animals as possible.
We recognize that there are some things only a shelter can do, but there are other things that animal rescue groups specialize in, such as breed placement.
Our combined efforts and resources act as a "force-multiplier" on behalf of many dogs and cats!

We have initiated a very proactive adoption program that includes placing adoptable animals at PETsMART stores, listing our adoptable pets on the
Pet Adoption Portal which gives the pets in our shelter exposure on the three largest and best-known animal adoption websites as well as participating in monthly adoption events at various locations to give the animals in our care every chance to be adopted.
The Animal Lovers Assistance League hasn't stopped there-we have also made it easier for prospective adoptors by allowing them the option to
download our adoption application or applying to adopt by using our online adoption application.

Community Involvement
Making Currituck County More Animal-Friendly

The Animal Lovers Assistance League has taken active steps in Currituck County to help our community become more aware of the issues we confront and to help enhance the relationship between Currituck residents and their pets.

The Animal Lovers Assistance League has established our Senior Citizens Project, which includes free transportation of senior citizens and their pet's to their veterinarian and grooming services and a discount on pet adoption fees for senior citizens. The League has distributed flyers, made announcements at local senior centers, to civic groups, and sent information to churches to promote the Senior Pet Project.

The Animal Lovers Assistance League has also been invited to give presentations at Girl Scout meetings, civic functions and attended the Knapp Elementary School Fair to help the next generation of animal lovers continue the work that we have undertaken.
In the summer of 2006 the Animal Lovers Assistance League presented humane education classes at all seven of the North Carolina Extension Service 4-H camps in Currituck County, reaching 350 children with messages about the humane treatment of animals. The League, with the help of local businesses and individuals, provides the award winning "KIND News", which is a publication of the Humane Society of the United States, to all of the elementary school classes in the county who have requested it.

Since the Animal Lovers Assistance League formed, coverage in our local media has been very positive and our membership has increased with many new, energetic volunteers willing to step forward to help our group and the animals.

Fundraising and Finance
Financial Responsibility Pays Dividends

 Ever since the Animal Lovers Assistance League was entrusted with the responsibility of the Currituck County Animal Shelter, we have understood that sound financial practices not only increase public confidence in our group, it pays dividends by improving the level of care we can provide to the community and the animals in our shelter.

The Animal Lovers Assistance League has had several public fundraising events that were well-attended and instituted several innovative fundraising ideas that have helped us realize our goals and given us the inspiration to aim higher!

We have also enlisted the help of our local business community to help our shelter and these civic leaders understand that an animal-friendly community helps everyone.

With our website, we are now able to take online donations as well as provide several easy ways that animal lovers can help our cause by just a few clicks of their mouse!

The Animal Lovers Assistance League is moving forward and invite you to join us!



In addition to providing the normal food, water, shelter, and adoption services, Animal Lovers Assistance League provides:

-Veterinary care for shelter animals as needed

-Wish list for those who are looking for an animal with special qualifications.

-ID tag for all adopted shelter animals that is matched to shelter records to assist with reuniting an animal who is separated from an owner and is found by someone else.

-Free food for 3 months to needy families who might otherwise have to relinquish their pet

-"Senior Pets for Senior Citizens" discount $25 off an adoption fee

-Transport of Senior Citizens and their pets to veterinarians for needed services.  This service is available to those who have no other way to transport their pet to the veterinarian.

-KIND News, the award winning humane education publication of the Humane Society of the United States, is provided free of charge the entire school year to all elementary school classes whose teacher requests it.  We also do educational outreach programs in school, summer camps, and for civic groups.

-Fencing a yard to free a dog from life on a chain. (Limited Program)

-Spirit Heartworm Treatment Fund- Assists in paying for the treatment cost of shelter dogs who are heartworm positive, which gives them a better chance for adoption.

-"Sponosor a Pet Adoption" allows for a person, who lacks adequate space and cannot adopt but wants to help an animal get adopted, to pay the adoption fee for a person who would like to adopt a pet.

-"Free at Six" waives the adoption fee completely for an animal who has been at the shelter for at least six months.

-Adoption fee includes a Spay/Neuter voucher as well as important tests and vaccinations, including a rabies vaccination for animals who are old enough to receive it.

-Conduct many adoptathons in two states.

-Advertise 4 "Pets of the Week" in The Daily Advance"; lists pets online on Petfinder and others.

-Provide foster care, especially for newborn kittens and puppies, as much as possible.

-Work with various animal rescue organizations, including feral cats, in placing our shelter animals.

-Provide soft bedding, including Kuranda dog beds, and toys and treats daily for all animals.

-Provide outside dog pens for day use during good weather.

-Organize and conduct "Bark in Maple Park" to focus attention on and respect for the family dog.

-Reduced adoption fees on special occasions, such as Father's Day and Bark in Maple Park event.

-Volunteers help socialize our animals in order to make them more adoptable and break the boredom.